available in mommy pink and daddy orange

How does it work?


  • Simply place the tag on your rear-view mirror of your car when you put baby in the car seat.

  • Make sure the front side "DON'T FORGET BABY!!!™" is facing the driver and that the back side "CHECK CAR FOR BABY!!!" is facing the street.

  • When you arrive at Baby's destination, remove the tag and place in the child's car seat or in your front passenger seat.

  • If you should forget to remove it, the back side will alert passers by to check the car for a baby and invite them to TAKE ACTION if necessary.


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What is it?


The "DON'T FORGET BABY!!!™" Car Mirror Tag is a unique two sided tool that reminds parents of a child in a rear or front facing car seat, and alerts passers by of a child left in a vehicle inviting them to take action if necessary.


In our modern age where parents are fatigued, overwhelmed or otherwise distracted with a multitude of obligations, it can be an easy and unfortunate accident to  forget a child in a rear or front facing car seat.


This simple and inexpensive safety tool was designed to get the attention of parents and passers by, as well as act as a proactive tool to keep our most precious cargo safe.

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